Alina Artts on the cover of Moda Topical magazine
Alina Artts covered Moda Topical magazine. In this autumn issue Alina talks how to be successful and loved. Seek Moda Topical with Alina Artts in stalls of your city!
Follow the Olympic fire with Alina Artts
Do not miss the concerts of Alina Artts in your city. See the list of cities to be visited Alina concert below:
“Olympic Dance” performed by Alina Artts celebrates the Olympic Torch Relay on its’ journey to “Sochi 2014”
The “Olympic Dance”, the official song of the Olympic Torch Relay, will be performed by Russian recording artist Alina Artts as she accompanies the Olympic Torch on its’ journey through Russia to “Sochi 2014”.
Alina Artts on the cover of SHAPE October 2013
Premiere of the M-1 Fighter reality show
This September Alina Artts will appear in the third season of THE MMA reality show M-1 Fighter – the first Mixed Martial Arts show in Russia which brought TEFI Award to Boets television channel. Alina has been hosting the M-1 Fighter reality for the past two seasons. She also has been supporting MMA fighters with numerous stage performances, including the M-1 Fighter Grand Finale at the Olympiyskiy sports complex. She released and dedicated her track “Samoe vremya” especially to this unique reality show. Eventually it became a signature track of the M-1 Fighter.
Alina Artts performed at the «Russian Song Festival in Poland.»
A legendary Polish music event has been hosting by a popular Russian singer Alina Artts in the city of Zielona Gora for five years. This year Alina’s co-host was a famous Polish showman Tomasz Kammel. The event was divided in to two sections. First part of the festival involved Polish artists, who competed in performing Russian songs. Second part involved performances from some of today’s most popular Russian artists: Alina Artts, Maksim, “Gorod 312”, Viktoriya Dayneko and Alex Chumakov.
“Hit the Red Light” is available on iTunes.
The long-haired Russian beauty Alina Artts has already gained recognition for her most recent hot track “Hit the Red Light”, which seems to show the invariable success. Once in the “TOP 30” hits on U.S. charts, the single became an interest for Apple. The original version and the radio edit of “Hit the Red Light” is now available on iTunes Media Player.
Club performance at ICON
When it comes to hitting the stage with a club concert no one can do it better than her. Alina is showing unmatched capabilities as a performer every time she is on stage. One of the hottest club concerts this summer took place in ICON – the most popular and known luxury club in Moscow.
The new TV Show with Alina Artts “Star Secrets” became the most long awaited premiere on Europa plus TV – the best Russian music television. “Star Secrets” is the logical extension of Alina’s debut talk show “Hot Secrets”, which started in 2011 and was dedicated to Russian celebs in music and showbiz industry. “Hot Secrets” became a great success for Russian beauty. This success brought Alina to a whole new concept of the show, which would bring out the secrets of the world famous celebs. That is how a new cycle of series with world famous celebrities started.
Alina Artts on Europa Plus Live 2013
Europa Plus Live – biggest Open Air Festival in Moscow. Hundreds of thousands of people gather every year from all over Russia to watch live gigs from hottest Russian and International music stars.