Club performance at ICON


When it comes to hitting the stage with a club concert no one can do it better than her. Alina is showing unmatched capabilities as a performer every time she is on stage. One of the hottest club concerts this summer took place in ICON – the most popular and known luxury club in Moscow.

Alina Artts performed her latest music program, which promotes such hits as “Hit the Red Light”, “Brightest Star”, “It’s Alright” and “One third”. Some of these tracks have not been officially released yet, but no way Alina is tucking them away from the audience when she is on stage.

Holding a choreographer diploma herself, Alina is being a real nit-picker when it comes to her own dance show. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does and makes everyone around, including her backup dancers work just as hard.

“Preparing to a club concert or shooting a music video with a difficult choreography is all about rehearsing, rehearsing and rehearsing. When me and my dancers hit the stage – it’s all about the energy that we send out to the audience. We cant’s think about the moves or about what we do next or where do we stand, all that has to come naturally – and the only way to achieve that is hard work. So when I am on stage, I see what the audience is like and how the energy is feeling, I feel the “fire” coming over me and everything that seemed as a hard work before turns in to the best moments on stage, which give me crazy energy.” – Alina Artts.


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